Thursday, May 27, 2004

I thought this was math class, so why are we discussing politics?

The issue of profs polemicizing in the classroom is a major issue, fortunately it has been dealt with not only here but also on the blog, whose post "Freedom in the Classroom" links to, where students whose ordinary math, history and economics classes have turned into political propaganda centres can report these occurences.

York students should of course be having flashbacks to the January 2003 visit of academic Daniel Pipes, whose talk was almost blocked for political reasons, basically because he runs a controversial website called Campus Watch where he critiques Mid-East scholarship for its inaccuracies and blasts to smithereens the idea that perhaps - gasp - your professor is not always right.

So, all university students out there - York people and otherwise - use your brain, and stand up for your rights. Demand to be taught math in math class.

And that's the truth about York (and all universities).



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