Monday, April 19, 2004

Please don't let my civil rights get in the way of your free speech...

The end of the semester for most students brings a great sigh of relief as the classes are done, exams are finishing up and we can be done until September.

I am excited for other reasons. I finally get to write the letter I have wanted to for a very long time. As final grades are being released, I can tell the university (and the world) about my horrible now ex-professor without having to worry about him unleashing venom upon me in the form of a crappy final grade.

Free speech is the greatest thing in the world. It grants power to thinking people and enables communication. But like every awesome tool, it has this tremendous potential for abuse.

I do not like sitting in class and listening to my professor bash an entire nation of 300 million people. Could he bash Sweden without getting fired? Could he bash Africa? Why does it make the papers when the administration says something stereotypical about Africa but it makes no waves when a professor tells a class of 300 that Canada should keep all Americans out of this country? How can Canadians, as thinking, equality-seeking people, sit back and watch as a professor, a person of influence, tells a class such hateful and spiteful things about 300 million innocent people?

York students are afraid to stand up and fight back in an age where many many profs and TAs take part in demonstrations and strikes and use academic forums such as lectures and tutorials to spout fiery venom that has nothing to do with the class they are teaching.

And that's the truth about York.


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